Monday, July 13, 2009

Sedition Films Logo

This is an Ident I designed for Sedtion Films, or, in this case, Home Video. You can have a look on Youtube;

It's meant to look like a really dodgy home video distributor, hence the horrible colours and crappy music. I also dropped it onto video and wrecked the tape a little.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


Wooh! Does that say SEX? Well unfortunately not. I'm working on the Sound and Special Effects. Mixing a lot of screaming with gurgling blood sounds. I'm also hand doing some of the Visual Effects. Here's a sample frame, which you may be surprised at how well it works moving fast with good sound.

Or maybe you'll think it looks shit, in that case, don't talk to me.

Saturday May 23rd - Last Shoot

That was the last shoot with any cast. I took along one of my more conservative students, Jamie, pictured above. He is a very "special" person and has some trouble distinguishing fantasy from reality. For example, "you're helping on a film" (reality) "this will go towards your final mark" (fantasy). In this picture he mourns the death of his dummy, Steve, who we dressed in drag and threw off a cliff at Mt Macedon. A place very close to Hanging Rock but not Hanging Rock.
Melanie is wondering what it must be like to teach a class of such "special" people.

Hopefully Jamie's mum doesn't know who I am as I made him late for work.

We also tore off Laura's arms and drenched her in blood in the freezing cold wind and dropped her off home with her favorite jeans stained in red food colouring and sticky carob syrup. Aah she'll get over it.