Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shoot Day 7 - April 25th

Well, that's the last big day over. And I had to cut that one short due to the grim weather. Still we got a lot done and even a bit of sun. Most of the cast have finished up but there's still a sequence to shoot where Laura has her arms torn off which requires a few people. I've put that off due to the weather again. I'm shooting some pick ups this weekend but we've really knocked off most of the film now. It's all down hill from here. Yipee!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Music Clip

On a side note. My music clip did play in Fed Square, but I unfortunately never got to see it.
Brad Picken, who organised the event, took these photos.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shoot Day 6

Saturday, 28th March. At Shiprock Falls again, this time with a bigger cast and crew and a motorcycle wrangler; Rodford Belchur.
Things went well again but we did have had a couple of problems, we couldn't work out how to turn off the zebra stripes for a while and when I looked at the rushes I found that the first shots we took were out of focus.
But the biggest problem was the bike, it would start up but kept conking out so we tried to roll it in but couldn't get up enough speed for it.
I'm thinking of taking it back to Wrights forest where we have more of a hill.

Of the more successful things to stand out was Lara poking out Tahnee's eyes.
It really looks like she's gouging away.
A little bit hard to see in this still but it looks great when its moving.


I always like location scouting. You start to get into the mood and visualize the film.
I went out with Keiran, Karl and Laura to Hanging Rock for a look around but thought it was just a bit too hard to get to and too many tourists.
Still we had a nice day.

I asked a few people about somewhere closer and it was Dan Burke who suggested Shiprock Falls which is where we've been doing most of the filming.

The other location is Wrights forest near Cockatoo which is where we were the first day. All very picturesque.

You can see most of them on this YouTube clip.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Bike

Everybody wants to buy this motorbike but it's owner is Aaron O'donnell and he doesn't want to sell it. Not yet anyway.

It's labelled as a 1950's Excelsior but Aaron claims it's actually a 1951 Ambassador Supreme with a British Villiers engine. It sounds strange now, but at the time, there were a few dozen motorcycle manufacturers, who would make the frames, suspension etc but only one manufacturer of motorcycle engines so they'd all install the same one.

We are having some trouble getting it going as we need to roll start it then keep reving it. It's conking out but I may have the fuel/oil mix wrong as its a 2 stroke. It's quite small and light, 200cc.

I like the flat seat.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shoot Day 4

We shot all of Sabina's shots in half a day on Sunday March 22nd. We started off OK but I made a big boo-boo and left Sabina's dress at home. I thought a white sheet in the box was it. Lucky for me Sabina was happy enough to go back to my house and get it while we started shooting. It was a small cast; Penelope and Sabina, and a small crew; myself, Kieran and Karl and the rest of the day went pretty smooth.
The biggest event of the shoot was trying to simulate zombie blood pouring out of Sabina's neck as she sat on the Penelope. I don't think anyone was ready for the amount of liquid that poured out, drenching both the Actors.
The still below shows a couple of streams pouring out of a tube in to Sabina's hair. You can just see Karl's hand holding a tube on the back of Sabina's neck. She made the comment "If you had told me you were going to do this, I would of said no."

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cast - Sabina

Sabina Lokic I recruited from Filmnet, a website that lists jobs and events on a messageboard. She has done a lot of professional acting (including playing a character called Mandi Rogers on Neighbors) and besides being very pretty she does have a tendency to look really evil.

She plays one of the zombie/school girls who is in the script as Blondie. I gave the names of the original school girls to the prisoners and then had to come up with some titles to differentiate the zombie characters.

She has also been doing the zombies makeup and helped out by organizing lunch for us on a day my 1st AD decided not to come. She had a party come up and went to that instead. That happens a lot.

Thursday, April 2, 2009


On February 14 1910 four private school girls disappeared at Picnic Rock, Victoria, under mysterious circumstances.

On February 15 2010 they return.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shoot Day 3 - Rained Out

Saturday 14th March was predicted to rain in the morning and clear up in the afternoon. Bu the mountains have their own weather. It was sunny when we got to the location at Ship Rock Falls. Just as we got the camera out the clouds came over and it started to rain. I crossed my fingers and hoped that the storm would pass over but no luck.
We gave up and went home, I bought everyone lunch at Belgraves unfriendliest CAFE, where I came up with a plan to split the shoot over the next two weekends so that I didn't need so many people to come back. So it was still kind of an all right day.

Kind of.