Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shoot Day 6

Saturday, 28th March. At Shiprock Falls again, this time with a bigger cast and crew and a motorcycle wrangler; Rodford Belchur.
Things went well again but we did have had a couple of problems, we couldn't work out how to turn off the zebra stripes for a while and when I looked at the rushes I found that the first shots we took were out of focus.
But the biggest problem was the bike, it would start up but kept conking out so we tried to roll it in but couldn't get up enough speed for it.
I'm thinking of taking it back to Wrights forest where we have more of a hill.

Of the more successful things to stand out was Lara poking out Tahnee's eyes.
It really looks like she's gouging away.
A little bit hard to see in this still but it looks great when its moving.


  1. I'm sooo excited to see this bit haha awesome.

  2. I also liked the way Tahnee said goodbye to everyone as she walked off to do her scene,
    "next time you see me I'll be dead." or something like that.