Monday, December 14, 2009


Anyway, the Troma visit went well and they liked the movie. However, Picnic at Hanging Rock isn't that well known in America so we talked about cutting some of the trailer into the start of the film and submitting it to Tromadance, which will come out in April.

You can see the excitement on the Troma-ites faces in this photo. "Hey! Come back!"

It was great to see the place but Lloyd wasn't there. I got shown around by his assistant Justin. It was all pretty casual actually. Here's a print for the Toxic Avenger laying on the floor. Justin told me they are just starting to work on Toxic Avenger V, The Toxic Twins.

The Invasion of Tromaville

I managed to infiltrate Troma's top command base in New York

Notice how Lloyd Kaufman's desk is empty.

I took full advantage of this and instantly took over the company.

Here I am having one last look at Troma's collection of 800 films before I had them all incinerated and replaced by my one DVD.