Monday, December 20, 2010

Melbourne Queer Film Festival

"Re: 21st Melbourne Queer Film Festival March 17 - 28, 2011

Dear Clint,
The Melbourne Queer Film Festival is pleased to let you know that it has selected the film HANGING AT PICNIC ROCK to screen at our 21st festival (March 17 – 28, 2011). "

This is great because it'll be screening while I'm at VCA doing my Masters which will give me some cred at school and everyone will like me.

Isn't that what happened last time?

1UP Microcinema

Here are some pics from an art installation called 1UP Microcinema, which was a bunch of experimental films exhibited on old game consoles in a Perth clothing shop put on by a guy called Matthew Darch.

This what he said 'Thank you so much for allowing me to screen your film at 1UP. It was very well received here in Perth and people enjoyed sitting down and watching it.

Attached are some pics of the place at the moment, just to give you an idea of my setup. I screened your film on the dual racing car with wireless headphones. "

I didn't get a link to the event and I'm not sure when it actually took place but here are a couple of links attached to his email.


The interesting thing that I'm finding with this film is the interpretation of what it is? This is the second time (at least) it's taken place in an event as experimental art.

It's also been fairly regularly screening since it was first shown in October last year. I think it's screened 22 times at 9 different festivals and events.