Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Local Drunk Makes Good!

Fine, but I didn't say those things. Not like that anyway.

They also stuffed up the youtube link.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Peter Weir

Here is a letter I sent off to Peter Weir's PO Box with a DVD.
So if he opens his mail, he'll watch it.

Dear Mr Weir

You may notice some resemblance of the enclosed DVD to your movie Picnic at Hanging Rock. Which is a wonderful film, but seems to be lacking in two major areas.

Firstly, “what happened to the girls?” and secondly, “what does Miranda look like with her gear off?”

We have attempted to correct this oversight with our version of an unofficial “sequel” or “final chapter.”

Our complete failure to resolve these two questions in any form has resulted in this travesty of good film making and Australian culture.

We hope you enjoy it and if we ever meet in person that you do not try to kill us.

Sincerely yours

Clint Cure Kieran Mangan

Sedition Films