Sunday, April 5, 2009

Shoot Day 4

We shot all of Sabina's shots in half a day on Sunday March 22nd. We started off OK but I made a big boo-boo and left Sabina's dress at home. I thought a white sheet in the box was it. Lucky for me Sabina was happy enough to go back to my house and get it while we started shooting. It was a small cast; Penelope and Sabina, and a small crew; myself, Kieran and Karl and the rest of the day went pretty smooth.
The biggest event of the shoot was trying to simulate zombie blood pouring out of Sabina's neck as she sat on the Penelope. I don't think anyone was ready for the amount of liquid that poured out, drenching both the Actors.
The still below shows a couple of streams pouring out of a tube in to Sabina's hair. You can just see Karl's hand holding a tube on the back of Sabina's neck. She made the comment "If you had told me you were going to do this, I would of said no."

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