Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cast - Zombies - Melinda and Melanie and others.

Melinda and Melanie? - They kind of play the same person. I couldn't get Melinda back so I asked Melanie to stand in for her. Then I cut out most of her shots. Oh well, (again). You do get a glimpse of her in one shot.
The thing is, I figured I could get away with putting a wig on her and no one would notice that Mel and Mel are completely different people. Melinda has long straight dark hair and Melanie wears a curly, dark purple? wig with a head band? Yep, there was a bit of mix up there. But once again, no one seems to notice. Movies, they are so magical. For example no one got paid in real money! Just pixie dust!

You see? Twins!

Actually Penelope and Priscila also play Zombies in a couple of shots. Why I even put on one of the dresses and ran around in my back yard but I didn't film that. That was a private matter.

Above is Priscila taking some time out to get to know some of the rest of the cast. Hey, don't take her the wrong way. Kissing your severed head is what they do over there.

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