Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things That Never Happened.

There's been a few things that didn't quite come about.

The film didn't get screened at Tromadance after all. I think it got knocked out by that human centipede thing everyones talking about.

I got a "return to sender" from the other screening in NY. I think I had the right address but there was some confusion as it's a film night at an art gallery.

We sent a copy to Peter Wier but I'm told he no longer lives in Sydney. Surely they'd forward his mail?

I gave a copy to John Waters. He said he'd watch it but I have no idea wether he did or not. I gave him my email (but I guess if he responds then I have his email).

I met Leigh Whannel and he said he liked the name and I should send it to his agent. Which I did. Heard nothing from him either.

There's still some life in the old girl yet.

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