Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sad News from Christine Schuler's Son.

I really enjoyed this film, and mum did too.

But unfortunately I have to relay
some sad and terrible news.

Christine Schuler, My mum (Edith) Died o
f heart failure in october last year. It was sudden and unexpected, but this thing happens in life.

Thanks again.

Peter Arthur Charles Lawrance (Schuler)


  1. Very sorry to read this. I was just watching 'A Dream Within A Dream', and decided to look up everyone involved. My belated condolences.

  2. Hmm... There seems to be some dark shadow extending from that classic film, Picnic at Hanging Rock. I refer, of course, to the relatively early deaths of the schoolgirl actresses, Jane Vallis and Christine Schuler-Lawrance, and the suicide death of headmistress actress Rachel Roberts. Taken as a whole, such occurrences appear to be a ‘fine’ example of life imitating art. (The film and the Joan Lindsay novel on which it’s based have also spawned legend: apparently, some people visit Hanging Rock anticipating paranormal experiences).

    Actually, I think people like Schuler, Vallis, Margaret Nelson and Tony Hughes have not been getting the recognition they deserve. I mean, from a Canadian perspective, films like Picnic and Puberty Blues and television series like The Lost Islands put Australia on the map in the ’70s and early ’80s—especially for us Gen-Xers. I think Vallis and Hughes in particular have been shamefully slighted over the decades, even at home Down Under, seemingly.

    Maybe it’s a British Commonwealth thing, for here in Canada we have a bad habit of celebrating our young actors when they’re children and teenagers, and then dismissing them almost entirely once they’re in their twenties. Still, I can’t envision someone like Meagan Follows or Meredith Henderson dying young and receiving as little recognition as what the late Australian actresses have. Maybe someone like Ms Schuler-Lawrance’s son might consider starting a website dedicated to his mother, Jane Vallis and others of their generation who helped put Australia on the map for movie goers and telly viewers in the ’70s and ’80s.

  3. Saddened to read this, Chris & I attended St Pauls church in the city & were at Adelaide Uni together. Fond memories of good times.

  4. How sad. Wasn't aware until today Feb 15 2016. Only just watched the film again. I heard that Christine went into Christian ministry. As a committed Christian that gladdened my heart. Blessings to Peter and family.

  5. Very sad news. First I saw this film in 1977 and second on February, 15th, 2016. I was very impressed as a teenager and today I am impressed on the same level as 40 years ago. I think "Picnic" was one of the best movies ever made and it makes me very sad to hear from the early deaths of the actresses Christine Schuler, Jane Vallis and the suicide of Rachel Roberts.

  6. Very sad, those moments leading up to the infamous scene when Edith screams that horrific three part scream of horror is still one of the most famous and blood curdling screams of all time....Your Mother made a very significant contribution to Picnic, playing the part of the witness to proceedings and didnt she do it should be very honored and proud to be her son....

    1. The scream that you hear is actually done by Barbara Llewellyn, Australian actress