Saturday, May 28, 2011

Schoolgirls and Charles Blackman

After the traversty that was Hanging at Picnic Rock, I Clint Cure, do solemnly swear to never again make a film that involves murdered schoolgirls. Except this one (and maybe a few others). After reading the script a friend did say, "they are actually letting you make this?" I've spent the afternoon looking at girls school uniforms. It's cold so I'm wearing a long jacket, but bright so I've got my sunglasses on. It's hard to find the style I want second hand and new is expensive. Maybe it would be a lot easier if I just appraoched a group of school girls and offered them money to buy their clothes.

In part, the look of this is inspired by Australian painter Charles Blackmans series of schoolgirl paintings. He was inspired by the 1921 murder of 12 year old Alma Tirtschke in Melbourne.

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