Sunday, June 5, 2011

Old Aussie Horror

Retribution is inspired by real events that took place in Guyra, NSW. There has been a film made of this before called The Guyra Ghost Mystery  by John Cosgove in 1921 (The year the events began, so no messing around there). I haven't been able to track a copy down and I'm not sure if any survive. I contacted the National Film and Sound Archive and they weren't that helpful. In fact the dude, seemed kind of annoyed that anyone had made him look up from his busy filling schedule but he did send me this;

There's a tiny bit from the story of Fisher's Ghost which is also a 1924 film by Raymond Longford of the same name. Can't find that either. Wait what's this in this old tin under granddad's stinky bed? Nuh it's just a complete print of the original Ned Kelly film from 1906. I'll just scratch it with pins and make some cool (but eventually boring and overlong) animation with it.

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