Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Retribution Shoot Day 1

How good does Adrian look. I'm sure if I looked half as good as he does I'd be in a meaningful and rewarding relationship with some 24 yr old Brazilian art student instead of the patchy string of car-wrecks that I remember as relationships with girls who were so lonely that they'd go out with me only to justify their own self-loathing until they could find someone that they could show to their friends without cringing with embarrassment.

Having him on this is like finding a young Robert De Niro homeless and broke and begging for lose change in a doorway just when you need an actor for your student project.

I don't want him to know that I've spent the whole day writing his name all over my school ruler in three different colours of biro.

Here is Stephen waiting for his scene after asking "what's my motivation?" I had the boys from the camera department take him into the alley and kick the shit out him until he "felt" the role. breaking his arm might of been going a bit far but we can digitally remove that in post.

Actually Stephen is a very nice guy and important member of the art community. He has his own website. http://www.stephennallart.com/ He also did a great job of looking suitably distressed.

Computers are magic and will fix everything (like extending this wall). Just knowing people who will go home from their soul destroying jobs back to their unloving partners and their ugly children and stay up all hours of the night to digitally paint and correct, frame by frame, errors in your school assignment just so their name will flash onto a screen for a nano-second so that some day, some how, it may help them claw their way out of their miserable existence...well.. it's like living next door to Mexico.

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