Monday, May 26, 2014


I always stay at this backpackers in Hollywood.

I like it because they have a bar and you get to meet people. Some who work in Hollywood.

I also decided to look up alternative film-maker Damon Packard. We tried to go bowling with his friend Steve driving us around but they were all full of teenagers there for thanksgiving or something, I don;t know. Still it was fun.

I also hung out with Sabina Lokic from Hanging at Picnic Rock. We went to this theatre. I don't remember its name.

Outside I took this photo.

Which surprised Sabina as Martin Landau is her friend and acting teacher. I liked him from Space 1999, which, as a kid I watched on Friday night at my Grandma's house.

He was also great as Bela Lugosi in one of my favourite films, Ed Wood. I found Bela's star too.

Then I went home and to another film festival I wasn't in.

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