Sunday, May 4, 2014


One of my best friends and a significant life changer took his own life this year at 41. He was in my world for a substantial amount of years and had a funny habit of turning up unannounced at major points.

Sadly I hadn't seen much of him over the last 8 years our last encounter being a phone call he made to me after he saw my Hanging at Picnic Rock short in 2011.

 He was a keen and talented guitarist and in 2003 he composed and played the score for a film I had made. It was recorded over 3 days in an old farmhouse in Wangoom, Victoria. There is a story that goes with it that I considered including in Issue 1 of Confessions of a Rookie Film Maker. Even though I had the space I never did. I regret that now and plan to include it in a future edition.


 Here is a link to the film or you can download or listen to the music here,

I can't quite believe he is no longer with us, but to me, he will be around forever. It is not the same world without him.

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