Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I wanted to create an impression of the dresses from the original film rather than try to recreate them. However, finding 4 white dresses that look similar in Savers, the Salvos or wherever proved to be a lot harder than I thought. So they were going to have to be made from scratch. I did this with the help of Beckett Rozental, who found and adapted a dress pattern that matched what we were doing and took me on a shopping trip to Lincraft (and opened my eyes to another world).
She had to head back to Tassie for a family emergency so we passed the pattern onto Caroline Thompson who did a great and very fast job of sewing 4 dresses together in as many days. I got her to do a couple more as spares.
The dresses add an easily recognizable link to the "other film" which even people walking past the shoot have commented on.
They also look very nice in the green bush.

The prisoners all wear overalls with an old convict style arrow sprayed on the back. I wanted numbers on their back, or the name of the correctional facility, but ran out of time. I also wanted them to be orange at one stage, and there are plenty of
2nd hand orange overalls but it's hard to find any in a small size. Even the "small" size is very big. Also, orange against green? You have to think about those things.

Speaking of time, the dresses became one of those things that I didn't think would take too long to organize but ended up taking over the pre-production time. You never know what these things will be.

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