Sunday, March 29, 2009

Shoot Day 1 and 2

I had planned to start shooting on Sat Feb 14th, Valentines Day, which would have been great, as the original film is set on that date. However, I pushed it back a week to Sat 21st to give a little more time.
I also thought I could shoot the whole thing in three days, with some pick ups, but I really underestimated the time frame. Usually I'm pretty close, but I'd hadn't taken into account the amount of time we'd need to set up effects shots and getting the large cast to the location took a bit of effort. It went pretty smooth, in the end, but I could have done with one more person to organise a few refreshments.
Luckily, Sabina, one of the Zombies, stepped in and took over catering.
My original 1st AD had pulled out.
I also wanted to shoot in two locations but my second location was blocked off due to bush fires.
This gave us more time to spread a one day shoot over two and everyone seemed to have a nice time in the bush. Except maybe for Zak who was buried up to his waste and covered in stinking guts. The flies were intense.
We shot in Wrights Forest (which is listed as Weights Reserve in Google Maps?), close to Cockatoo, which looked really nice.
Ben Mann took some great photos.

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