Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The entire film is storyboarded which is a process I did as I went along. Initially I didn't want to do too much storyboarding, as it tends to lock you in, but a few things made it necessary.
First, special effects (and there's a few) need to be storyboarded to work out whats needed, and not needed, for the shot and get the idea across.

Action sequences are also helped by a good storyboard to make sure we are getting all the shots we need.

It also saves time on the actual shoot day if I limit the amount of coverage we can try to get and just go for the shots we need with a few extras.
Finally, due to my large cast, I needed to stage the actors and work out who was needed on what day. This is proving quite a difficult thing to juggle as not everyone is available at the same time.
I turned down a lot of people to get a group who would be able to show up together on the first shoot day. After that, it hasn't mattered so much, but its still been quite hard to coordinate.
I've kept the storyboard art fairly simple, as Its easy to "read" and quick to draw but sometimes I've been drawing storyboards the night before the shoot so they vary in quality.

See what I mean? Some I had to do again as I couldn't work out what I'd drawn.

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