Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Look

While I was at film school I came across a site that is used to find work paid/ and unpaid, in the local film industry. I posted adds for Actors and Crew and what I noticed was the little interest I'd get in anything except for acting roles for females, where I'd get around 80 hits for anything I put up. So the idea of an all girl cast was going to be relatively easy.
Some of the Trasharama films are very low budget, often very amateur and often shot in peoples back yards. They use toy guns, bad effects and peoples friends for actors. This makes for some funny stuff and laid back, unpressured style of film making. At one point I thought of paying for an armourer for the guns in the film but then, due to its budget, the rest would have to be pretty low-tech so they might stand out anyway. I look at the Trasharama style as a genre I decided to keep with it.
I still needed costumes so I drew up some sketches.

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